3 Signs That You Should Consider Spine Surgery

Having spine surgery done -- such as for a herniated disc or an issue in your neck -- can seem pretty serious, and you may have wanted to avoid it at all costs. However, in some situations, it's a good idea to sit down with your doctor and talk about the potential for having spine surgery done. These are three signs that it may be something for you to consider.

1. The Pain is Getting Worse

If you have injured your spine, you can generally expect a long road to recovery. However, if you have been seeing your doctor and taking good care of yourself but aren't seeing any improvements in your pain, it might be time to do something about it. If it's been months and you're still hurting just as much as you were before -- or more -- it might be time to consider another treatment option.

2. Medication Isn't Doing the Trick

For some people with spine injuries, taking over-the-counter or prescription pain medication can help with day-to-day comfort levels. For some people, however, the pain simply does not respond to medication. This means that you might be taking medication but could still be suffering just as much. If this is the case, it might be time to look into a treatment option that your pain will respond to, such as spine surgery. There is no need to continue taking medication that isn't helping with your pain, and there is also no reason to continue living in pain when there might be another treatment option that will work for you.

3. It's Affecting Your Day-to-Day Life

A little bit of discomfort might not seem like a big deal and could seem like it's "part of life." If your pain is so crippling that you are unable to complete daily tasks on a regular basis, you should definitely consider talking to your doctor about your surgery options. Then, you may be able to return to work or otherwise return to the activities that you have always enjoyed.

There are various spine surgery options out there for patients just like you, and some of them are even minimally invasive. Depending on your neck or back issue, surgery just might be the perfect solution. If any or all of these three things apply to you and your injury, it's a good idea to sit down and talk to your doctor or Highlands Neurosurgery, P.C. about the potential for having surgery done.